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Wellbeing in the Workplace Treatments

15 and 30 minutes or Reflexology

It is proven that employees, or clients, are left feeling de-stressed, appreciated and have a clearer focus on productivity after having work placed Wellbeing treatments.

Maintaining balance in the workplace in East Hertfordshire

With 80% of illnesses being directly attributed to stress, more and more employers are identifying the importance of reducing stress in the workplace. Not only does this improve staff morale and the work-life balance of employees but it is also financially beneficial to companies by reducing sickness within the workforce.

What are the benefits to your company?

• Your employees will be more motivated and productive
• Your employees will be able to cope with stress a lot more efficiently
• Your employees will suffer from fewer health problems
• Generally lower levels of sickness absence
• Minimal cost to your company

What are the benefits to your employees?

• Improved health and wellbeing
• Increased levels of relaxation
• Improved quality of life
• A stronger ability to deal with pressure
• Convenience – treatment available during the working day
• No travel time / costs

On-site Reflexology costs:

I charge £50 per hour for on-site massage or reflexology and I need a minimum of 4 hours’ work to make my visit viable. I ask that you please respect my 24-hour cancellation policy.

Additional costs - Please be advised that an additional £4 will be added if paying by sum-up (a contactless payment card)

Sometimes, individuals pay for their own treatments, while in other circumstances, fees are split between the company and the individual. I am happy with whichever arrangement works best for you, just so long as we are clear on this from the start.

Fees from individuals are paid in advance of their appointments.

Fees from the company are paid within a week of invoicing, which is done one to two days after my visit.

15 Mins 30 Mins
 4 Hours 11 6 £200
 5 Hours 14 8 £250
6 Hours 16 9 £300

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