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Born in 1965, Gail is married with two children. She became involved in complementary therapies when faced with a difficult time in her own life, and found they complemented her traditional medical procedures so well that her whole life, not just her health, dramatically improved.

Gail learnt first- hand that the human body is an incredibly powerful tool and has huge capacity for self- healing, both physically and emotionally. When this power is harnessed, the results can be amazing.

Gail has been lucky enough to train in Reflexology, Massage, Indian Head Massage and Pregnancy Massage at the Jackie Hamilton School of therapies in Norwich.  She is ITEC level 3 Qualified. Gail holds full public liability insurance.

Gail has since gone on to Qualify in Oncology Massage and Facial Reflexology - She also provides a pamper party service and therapies for office workers.

Gail has also trained in Face The World Facials & Back Massage.

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The human body is phenomenal and given the right conditions you have the capacity to look after yourself and clear out any unwanted wastes, thoughts and feelings.  The more in tune you are with what you need, the more able you are to look after yourself.


Your first treatment session includes a free consultation.  I will listen to what you want and need from your massage treatment and hear any relevant information about you and your life.  This will help us to shape the best possible massage session to suit your present needs. Throughout your massage I use my intuitive skills and your feedback to guide me.  This ensures you will feel listened to and respected.


Your comfort and dignity is paramount.  It is your body so it is your choice how much clothing you remove, and whether you want to have massage through sheets or with oil.  You will always be covered by a sheet (or blanket if you prefer), uncovering only the part of your body we are working on.

During the massage I will check-in with you that all is well. At any time you are welcome to say if we need to alter anything to suit you.  For example the pressure, or working on your neck instead of your shoulder.


One of the most important aspects of massage or reflexology is choosing to give yourself time.  Sometimes it can feel like there is no time to stop and that’s often when we need the support most. I can offer shorter or longer treatment times to suit your needs.


The most important aspects are your needs and where you would be most comfortable. This might be at home, or other venue of your choice.



Gail Johnson






Gail Johnson



  • ITEC level 3 Reflexology Massage Practitioners Diploma
  • ITEC level 3 Holistic Massage Practitioners Diploma
  • Gateway - Practitioners Diploma: Chair/Seated Acupressure On Site Massage.
  • Escape Training - Practitioners Diploma in Facials.
  • ABC awards - Aromatherapy level 3 - High Merit - Aromatherapy Practitioner.
  • Association of natural medicine Certificate - Indian Head Massage.
  • Face The World - Eastern Facial Massage practitioners Diploma.
  • Face The World - Holistic Facial Massage practitioners Diploma.
  • Moroccan Sacred Candlelight Back Massage
  • Functional Reflex Therapy Certificate
  • Advanced Facial Reflexology Certificate [Bergman Method]